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Ministry work is difficult, but there is a way to resist burnout- and it cannot be found in the latest research or trendy psychology techniques. Instead, it is an ancient path first introduced to us in the book of Genesis. Start here for a primer on sabbath and sabbatic practices that God has hardwired into his creation in order to build and sustain spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and communal health.

Image by Hanny Naibaho

He makes me lie down in green pastures

he leads me beside waters of rest

he restores my soul. Psalm 23:3

A Sabbatical Map: Navigating Holistic Renewal for Ministers

Is serving in the ministry becoming more of a duty than a delight? Do you sense the burden on your soul may be becoming unhealthy? Do thoughts of pressure-less careers often enter your mind? Jesus says his yoke is easy and light, but it feels far from that right now. You have heard of sabbaticals, but there are just so many needs to meet and never a convenient time. How could this even work? Mostly, it seems overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating. 


The Sabbatical Map book guides you, or the minister you support, as you navigate the call of God into holistic renewal. From the initial thoughts of sabbatical to conversations with leadership groups and policy formation, this map provides step-by-step encouragement and practical direction through the sabbatical experience and integration back into ministry. This book is an in-depth guide that includes study resources, sample policies, and other ministers’ stories of how the Spirit used sabbaticals to renew their soul’s delight.

Praise for A Sabbatical Map

Joel's book is a clarion call to the church in our time and culture. Will we trust God or the work of our hands? Will we allow the Spirit to lead the church, or will we trust our intellect and ingenuity? This book is an essential map for engaging with church leadership, preparing oneself and one's family, preparing the church, experiencing the sabbatical, and re-entering after the sabbatical. This book will give you the tools to navigate potential pitfalls and mistakes and experience a life-affirming and transformational rhythm of life. 

-John Teal, founding member of Common Grounds Unity

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